My Why

It truly saddens me to see amazing women go through loss of self (i.e. strength, self-love, self-worth, inner beauty, respect and/or self-confidence). This is why I created Women’s Social Lounge (WeSoLo). So, I could Guide, Inspire, inVigorate and Empower (G.I.V.E.) women, who similar to myself, have become lost within themselves, forgot who they are and what they are capable of accomplishing; in and out of a relationship.  I want to give women the support, resources and a positive non-judgmental space to push through the pain, persevere through their fears and overcome self-doubt that resulted from a failed and/or toxic relationship. 

My desire is help women connect or reconnect to their strong, beautiful, confident, powerful and genius core self.  So, they can fulfill their divine purpose and be the game changing women they are destined to be. 

So, to all the faith filled, strong, beautiful, sometimes discouraged yet still determined, resilient, imperfect like-minded women who are on a life changing journey…remember you are never alone because we are solo together.